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Advanced Investigation into the "Whiter than White" Effect

Review the Viewing Method if required.

Brightening Illusion:- the central area can appear to be brighter even though it is the same as the surrounding colour.  No colour fusion is required.  This is a possible explanation of the Whiter effect but the demonstrations that follow show this to not be true. 

Whiter Colour Pairings with a Centre/Surround Reversal:- the brightening still occurs.  Only representative examples are shown.

Whiter Complementary Pairs:-  a perceptual grey was determined for each colour and then the average was chosen as the reference grey for each pairing.

Brightening Illusion

orange-sml.gif (559 bytes)

Centre/Surround Reversal

orange-sml.gif (559 bytes)
Orange Reversal
green-sml.gif (519 bytes)
Green Reversal
blue-sml.gif (461 bytes)
Blue Reversal
violet-sml.gif (546 bytes)
Violet Reversal

"Whiter" Complementary Pairs

c-r-g.gif (939 bytes)
1) Red-Green as shown.
2) Image in reversal form.
c-b-o.gif (939 bytes)
1) Blue-Orange as shown.
2) Image in reversal form.
c-v-y.gif (939 bytes)
1) Violet-Yellow as shown.
2) Image in reversal form.

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