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"Whiter than White" Demonstrations

Review the Viewing Method if required.

When the colours are fused in the Bicovi Demos, the resulting colours are lighter in value than would be expected from their averaged Greyscale, Luminosity, or Value levels.   This was compensated for in the those demonstrations by making the central colours darker in value.
    On this page are the same Bicovi pairs but without the value adjustment.  The same values of the colours are used for fusing with another colour and for the reference.  Now the fused colour is brighter than the reference (outer) colour.

Advanced Investigation into the "Whiter than White" Effect.

"Whiter" Colour Pairings

red-sml.gif (483 bytes)
orange-sml.gif (559 bytes)
yellow-sml.gif (646 bytes)
green-sml.gif (519 bytes)
blue-sml.gif (461 bytes)
violet-sml.gif (546 bytes)

    The title of this page, "Whiter than White" comes from Procter & Gamble advertising for Tide laundry detergent when fabric brighteners were first introduced into the consumer market.  Fabric brighteners convert invisible ultraviolet light to visible blue light so clothes were brighter in sunlight than would be normally expected.

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