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Colour Vision

The York University website can be searched for 'colour vision'.
There you can find a figure on how Cones combine information to create colour vision.
That page links to an entire Course on the Eye.

Webvision has a good introduction to colour vision.

Viperlib is extensive and devoted to educational material related to vision.

Colour Demonstrations

efg's Computer Lab has many demonstrations on perception and colour vision.

Colour Theory states that the site is for artists, but the information is extensive enough for anyone interested in any aspect of colour theory and perception.

The University of Virginia hosts a serious investigation into colour theory and mathematical models of perception by Steven M. Boker.

Colour FAQ's

Charles Poynton has set up a resource "Frequently-Asked Questions About Colour ".

Colormatters is a bit of a fun site on colour with real-world applications.

Psychology of Color:- effects on moods and its use in marketing.  Additional investigation for the student.

Color Room Theory is hosted by that wants to sell you home theatre seating.   To enhance the theatre experience, it has a Blog that goes from Harmonicas to Shakespeare.  The colour theory section tells you how colour affects moods, learning, and more.  Keep clicking.

Edwin Land's Retinex Theory

James T. Fulton outlines the theory and has a detailed look at the original scientific investigations.

The Scientific American Article (pdf) that introduced Land's work to the public.

Pantone Color System

Pantone is a colour reference system for printing.  


Vision Science.  Go down to "Resources" and click on "Demonstrations" or "Guides & FAQ's".


Colour vision - Factbites:- A search engine that has been edited for relevance. 


A standard text is:- "The Reproduction of Colour"  Dr. R.W.G. Hunt; Fountain Press.  ISBN 0 85242 356 X

Cartography (map making) textbooks are a source of information on colour theory, colour perception, and the application of colour to real-world graphics.  These can be an alternative to conventional texts devoted to colour especially in used-book stores.  Useful texts have been;
- "Cartography; Thematic Map Design"  Borden D. Dent;  Wm. C. Brown Publishers.  ISBN 0-697-13589-6.
- "Elements of Cartography"  Arthur H. Robinson, Randall D. Sale, Joel L. Morrison and Phillip C. Muehrcke;  John Wiley & Sons Inc.  ISBN 0-471-09877-9

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