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The dominance of the Primary Colours has ended.

When each eye views a different colour, the two colours can be fused into a third, intermediate, colour.  This results in a new colour system with no Primary or Secondary colours.


Introduction to Bicovi and FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions about this website).

Colour Theory by the Number:- A discussion of colour theories and ideas.

Viewing Methods:-  Procedures are presented for fusing two images into one.

Binocular Colour Vision (Bicovi) Demonstrations:-  Differently coloured images are presented to each eye.  The colours are mixed via binocular (dichoptic) fusion into a third, intermediate, colour.  Historical references are on the Helmholtz page. 

"Whiter Than White":-  A continuation of the Bicovi demonstrations that show a brightening phenomenon associated with colour fusion.

"Is the Sky Blue?":-  A situation that can occur in normal life where the colours seen by each eye are different.  No image fusion is required.

Artwork:-  Examples of Binocular Colour Vision for the computer screen.

Links:- A directory of useful websites.

Published Article:- part of an Oakville Galleries' project.

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