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CMYK Printing Primaries

Print uses dots of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black for colour rendering.  The intensity of the colour is controlled by the size of the dots.  Colour mixing is possible because the CMY inks are transparent.  The two diagrams show how colour printing is achieved. 

This image is small enough that the eye cannot see the individual dots that make up the picture.

CMYK example small (7047 bytes)

A larger image allows you to see how the individual dots vary in size and overlap.

Printing enlarged (106639 bytes)

This image is "Color Figure 20" from the book "Elements of Cartography"  Arthur H. Robinson, Randall D. Sale, Joel L. Morrison and Phillip C. Muehrcke;  John Wiley & Sons Inc.  ISBN 0-471-09877-9.

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