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Practical Mirror Method for Viewing Bicovi Images

This page presents a real-world mirror method which can be used to fuse the appropriately printed images.  It is scalable; i.e. larger images can be viewed.
    The Crossed Viewing Method shown in another page is also scalable; i.e. a six inch image viewed at two feet is the same as a six foot image viewed at twenty-four feet.  However, it can result in eyestrain.  Also it suffers from an optical illusion.  The fused image appears to be smaller than the original.

CAUTION:- only use a glass mirror if the edges are rounded, or protected by plastic or thin wood.  An unprotected edge may scratch you.

    Get a mirror as large as convenient.  A 3" by 2" glass cosmetic mirror or a 6" by 4"  acrylic mirror (sold in stationery stores as Locker Mirrors) should be tried. 
    The separated images need to be printed as large as possible.  Note that the image that will be seen in the mirror has to be flipped before printing because the mirror will reverse the viewed image. 
    Hang the pictures on the walls of a corner of a room as indicated in the following diagram (not to scale).  To position 8"x10" pictures, extend the left arm forward with the fingers fully extended.  Extend the right arm to the side with the hand pointed down at the wrist.  Where the fingers of the left hand and the back of the right hand touch the walls are the approximate positions for the pictures.   You will be stepping back from the image in front to get the side imge properly positioned in the mirror.
    Be sure that both images are illuminated equally.
    Hold the edge of the mirror close to the right-hand eye.   Tilt the mirror towards the image on the side wall.  Adjust the mirror to overlap the two images and see the fused Bicovi image.

Mirror Viewing (5550 bytes)
Real-World Mirror Viewing

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