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Sales Information

Purpose of the Free Artwork page.
Technical Details
Price and Payment

Purpose of the Free Artwork page.

Download and print the free artwork before you buy artwork from this site
    The  images for sale are supplied in the same size, colour intensity, linework style and resolution as the free artwork.  Some of these characteristics are required to allow colour fusion.  Others are to create a unique image style.
    The viewing method(s) are also the same.  Use the free artwork to test your technique.
    The images for sale are more highly detailed with more subtle colouring effects.

Technical Details

    These are unlimited editions.
    Images are 7½ by 10 inches on 8½ by 11 inch paper.  (Prefabricated frames are now available in this size at a framing store near you.)
    The images are giclées printed on an Epson Stylus Photo Printer using Epson inks and photo-quality paper.  Epson's research indicates that when the images are displayed under glass and in normal lighting (out of direct sunlight) they will not show noticeable fading after 27 years.
    The artwork is mailed in archival quality plastic sheet protectors.  These may be used as barrier sheets to protect the images if framed using non-archival quality frames and materials.


Canada:- $50 Cdn per image prepaid by cheque or money order.
United States of America:- $50 in U.S. funds per image prepaid by check or money order.
Other countries:- $50 in U.S. funds per image prepaid by money order.

Specify image name(s) and quantity.

The order will be sent by mail as soon as possible.  Advance notification of an order via the contact page will speed up the process.

Make funds payable to:- address.gif (845 bytes)

Money will be refunded on receipt of returned item(s).  Advance notification of a product return via the contact page will speed up the process.


These pictures are the approximate appearance of the image pair after fusing.

Janice Image


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