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Landscape Scene Artwork

These are high resolution images for downloading and printing.  Set your printer to "Landscape" mode.

Crossed Viewing images for downloading
Practical Mirror Viewing images for downloading
Parallel Viewing images for downloading

Computer Screen Preview (Low Resolution)
        Crossed Viewing
        Mirror Viewing (for the computer screen)
        Parallel Viewing

Copyright still applies.

Crossed Viewing Method.  This can use two separately framed images printed in 'Landscape' mode; or resized images printed on the same page.
right-sml.gif (1404 bytes) Crossed Left Image (153 KB)
JPG Format
left-sml.gif (1378 bytes) Crossed Right Image
JPG Format


Practical Mirror Viewing Method.  Use two separately framed images.  The right-hand image, normally viewed in the mirror, has been flipped for correct printing.
left-sml.gif (1378 bytes) Mirror Left Image
(same as Crossed Right)
JPG Format
m-right-sml.gif (1407 bytes) Mirror Right Image
(153 KB)
JPG Format


Parallel Viewing Method.  This smaller-sized single image saves on printer ink.  The JPG image will print as 5" by 2" at 200 dpi.  
parallel-sml.gif (2569 bytes) Parallel Viewing Image (42 KB)
JPG Format

Screen Preview of the Free Artwork

Crossed Viewing

Mirror Viewing (for the screen)

Parallel Viewing


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