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Free Artwork

Below are links to high resolution images for downloading and printing.
There is also Artwork for the computer screen through the Bicovi Homepage.

Technical Details
PORTRAIT Image link.
LANDSCAPE Image link. 

Technical Details
    The larger works are supplied as two separate images.  Each is meant to print at 7 by 10 inches at a printer setting of 200 dpi (for printing on 8 x 11" paper with " margins).
- the PNG format image will download with the proper size and resolution but it is not universally supported.
- the JPG image will download with the proper size and resolution but it is not the best format for this type of image. 
- the GIF format image will download at 72 dpi (21" by 28").  Load the saved image into a graphics program and "Resample" (resize) the image to 200 dpi and 7 by 10 inches.

     Before printing, use the "Print Preview", "Maximize Print Area" and, if required, the "Fit to Page" options in your printer controls.  Printing on photographic paper will give the best results.

     Note:- If you flip (mirror reflect) both images before printing, you can exchange the left and right images for viewing.

    If you make use of this free offer, please provide feedback on this website and the Bicovi experience. 

Copyright still applies.

PORTRAIT Images for downloading.

LANDSCAPE Images for downloading

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