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Binocular Colour Vision Demonstrations

Viewing Method for the Bicovi examples that are linked to below. The page gives a method for fusing the image pairs.

Colour Pairings re-create the colours most easily identified as distinct.  The central coloured areas are fused to match the outer (reference) colour.  The colours have been optimized for fusing;- i.e. the colours in the central area are different from the outer colours in other figures.

Complementary Colour Pairings fuse to give grey.

Hexagonal Bicovi Examples.   An alternate presentation where you can compare the fused colour with the normal colours.

Artwork gives other examples.  'Geometric' and 'Helix' are simple images.

Colour Pairings

red-sml.gif (483 bytes)
orange-sml.gif (559 bytes)
yellow-sml.gif (646 bytes)
green-sml.gif (519 bytes)
blue-sml.gif (485 bytes)
violet-sml.gif (546 bytes)

Complementary Pairs

c-r-g.gif (939 bytes)
c-b-o.gif (939 bytes)
c-v-y.gif (939 bytes)

Hexagon Bicovi Examples

Red Orange Yellow
Green Blue Violet
Red+Green Blue+Orange Violet+Yellow
red-hex-sml.gif (635 bytes)

Advanced Investigation of Binocular Colour Vision.

Helmholtz's Reports of Binocular Colour Fusion.

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